Beneficial Ownership Transparency Consultations: Canada and British Columbia - input from CLHIA
Request to the Canada Revenue Agency to suspend minimum employer contributions to DC pensions
Letter to Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) re: Quarterly Meeting COVID-19 Responses
Letter to the Prime Minister in support of the amendments to Patented Medicines Regulations
2020 Ontario Budget Submission
Letter to Chairman Hoogervost re: Ensuring a common global adoption date for IFRS 17
Letter to the Canadian Accounting Standards Board re: Ensuring a common global adoption date for IFRS 17
2020 New Brunswick Pre-Budget Submission
2020 Prince Edward Island Pre-Budget Submission
CLHIA letter to the Standing Committee on International Trade on the Implementation of CUSMA
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Regulations (PMPRB) Consultation on Draft Guidelines Submission
2020 Alberta Pre-Budget Submission
CLHIA Letter to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries regarding national pharmacare
Consultation on ‘Third Party Reports’ and ‘Medical Expert: Reports and Testimony’ Policies
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral 2020
CLHIA Submission on New Brunswick Restricted Insurance Licensing Regime
2020 Newfoundland and Labrador Budget Submission
Recommandations de l'ACCAP en vue du budget 2020 - 2021 du Québec
CLHIA Comments on FSRA Guidance Framework 2020
Submission to Ontario Ministry of Finance Re: Individual Pension Plans and Designated Plans
Submission to the Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board Re: Modernization of the Workers’ Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act
Letter to the Attorney General of Ontario Re: Bill 161, Smarter and Stronger Justice Act, 2019
2020 Nova Scotia Budget Submission
2020 Manitoba Budget Submission
Comments on proposals to amend the Health Professions Act in British Columbia re: BC Reg 276/2008 and BC Reg 415/2008
Comments on O. Reg. 201/96, Ontario Drug Benefit Act 'Improving Value of Pharmacy Payments'
Comments on O. Reg. 201/96, Regulation 935 'Reducing Administrative Burden to Drug Manufacturers and Pharmacies'
Comments on Newfoundland's Dementia Care Action Plan Consultations
CLHIA comments on Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)'s proposed priorities
Submission to Health Workforce Regulatory Oversight Branch re: RNs prescribing medications
Submission to the Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development re: PIPEDA Modernization Proposals
Submission to the Department of Finance Proposal to Improve the Tax System
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral 2020
Response to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada re: Reframed Consultation on Transborder Dataflows
Submission to Health Canada Re: Draft Guidance (Accelerated Review of Human Drug Submissions)
CLHIA Comments on Proposed Revisions to 2019 CCIR Annual Statement on Market Conduct
Consultation on Comprehensive Review of Yukon Health & Social Services
2020 British Columbia Budget Submission
Submission to Saskatchewan re The Massage Therapists Act
BC Submission re: Cayton Report PIPA and Privacy
Assurance collective de personnes (Ex : Régimes Employés-Employeurs
Submission to Health Canada Re: Proposed Generic Drug Regulations
Proposed Changes to OHIP Out of Country coverage October 2019
CLHIA 2019 New Brunswick Budget Submission
CLHIA 2019 PEI Budget Submission
Cannabis Act on Edibles Submission to Health Canada
CLHIA Comments on the Ontario Auto Insurance Consultation
2019 Alberta Budget Submission
Comments on 2019-20 FSRA Priorities and Budget
2019 Ontario Budget Submission
Proposed Amendments to Ontario Regulation 201/96 made under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act
2019 Newfoundland and Labrador Budget Submission
CLHIA Submission on the 2019 Federal Government Budget Consultation
CLHIA to FinCan Re: retirement income security consultation
2019 Nova Scotia Budget Submission
Global insurance industry letter on IFRS 17 follow up on IASB November Board Meeting
Mémoire dans le cadre des consultations en vue du budget 2019 du Québec
CLHIA Submission on Reducing Regulatory Burden for Private Label Products
2019 Manitoba Budget Submission
2019 British Columbia Budget Submission
Mémoire de l'ACCAP au Conseil consultatif sur un régime national d'assurance-médicaments
Amélioration de l’efficacité des options de revenu de retraite pour les Canadiens plus âgés
Consultation re Guideline No. 9 – Searching for Un‐locatable Members of a Pension Plan
Unclaimed Pension Entitlements
Recent report released by IMC on growth rates for health insurance premiums
Cooperative Capital Markets Regulator
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral de 2019
IFRS 17 - Canadian request for two-year Implementation Date Deferral
IFRS 17 – Canadian Concerns over Implementation Timeline
Projet de loi 176 – Loi modifiant la Loi sur les normes du travail et d’autres dispositions législatives afin principalement de faciliter la conciliation famille-travail
Joint Letter to Alberta Regarding a Single Financial Sector Regulator
CLHIA response to Manitoba's statutory review of the Pension Benefits Act
Budget Submission to PEI Minister of Finance
Budget Submission to Nova Scotia Minister of Finance
Comments on Health Canada’s consultation on the proposed amendments to the Patented Medicines regulations
Budget Submission to Alberta Minister of Finance
2018 Newfoundland Budget Submission
Mémoire du Québec sur le projet de loi 150 portant sur le rachat de polices d'assurance vie et sur l'assurance créance
2018 Federal Budget Submission
Consultation on the Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis
Mémoire projet de loi 157 sur l'encadrement du cannabis
Mémoire projet de loi 141 sur la révision des lois du secteur financier
Mémoire dans le cadre des consultations en vue du budget 2018 du Québec
CLHIA comments on OSFI’s draft Corporate Governance Guideline
2015 Newfoundland and Labradour Budget Submission
Compensation letter to the WorkSafe NB Task Force
Comments Regarding the Proposed Excise Duty Framework for Cannabis Products
CLHIA Responds to Nova Scotia Bill 19, An Act to Amend Consumer Protection Statutes
Industry input to the external review of Canada's eight pan-Canadian health organizations
OSFI IFRS 17: Insurance Contracts Standard - Project Plan Timelines
New Regulatory Capital Framework and Taxation of Non-resident Life Insurers
Mémoire sur le PL 148 Loi encadrant l’approvisionnement en médicaments génériques par les pharmaciens propriétaires et modifiant diverses dispositions législatives
CLHIA's further comments on the Life Insurance Agent Market Conduct Questionnaire
Submission to the Department of Finance Canada on the Review of the Federal Financial Sector Framework
BC Dental College statement on third party billing
2018 Federal Budget Submission
CLHIA comments on the CCIR Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020
Letter to the Ontario Legalization of Cannabis Secretariat Re: Concerns about the potential impact of the future cannabis legalization framework
Letter to the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly for New Brunswick Re: Concerns about the potential impact of the future cannabis legalization framework