Submission to Alberta College of Pharmacy on draft Practice Standards for Virtual Care24/05/2022
Submission on Expanding the scope of the VPLAs to enable more Canadians to access retirement income security03/05/2022
Saskatchewan Public Engagement on Virtual Care30/04/2022
New Brunswick 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation28/02/2022
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral de 202225/02/2022
Submission to the CADTH on Building Toward a Potential pan-Canadian Formulary25/02/2022
Submission on the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan24/02/2022
Newfoundland and Labrador 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation17/02/2022
Submission to the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada on the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct17/02/2022
Submission to the Canadian Securities Administrators on Climate-Related Matters16/02/2022
Ontario 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation10/02/2022
Nova Scotia 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation03/02/2022
Manitoba 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation31/01/2022
Mémoire présenté dans le cadre des consultations prébudgétaires - Budget du Québec 2022-202331/01/2022
Prince Edward Island 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation24/01/2022
Alberta 2022 Pre-Budget Consultation21/01/2022
Submission to the Net-Zero Advisory Body on the Government of Canada’s 2030 emissions reduction plan22/12/2021
Submission to FSRA on its Consultation on an Innovation Framework29/11/2021
Mémoire de l'ACCAP sur le projet de loi n° 325/11/2021
Submission to Employment and Social Development Canada on Reforming Canada’s Employment Insurance Program13/10/2021
Submission to Employment and Social Development Canada on the Disability Inclusion Action Plan05/10/2021
British Columbia 2022 Pre-Budget Submission01/10/2021
Submission to the Canadian Transportation Agency re: Airline Passenger Rights29/09/2021
Submission to the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services on Modernizing Privacy in Ontario07/09/2021
Submission to the Department of Finance Consultation on Tax Implications of International Accounting rules for Insurance Contracts (IFRS 17)12/08/2021
ACCAP mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral de 202206/08/2021
Submission to the BC Special Committee to Review the Personal Information Protection Act05/08/2021
Response to British Columbia’s Consultation on its Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy05/08/2021
Mémoire dans le cadre du processus de participation du public au sujet de la première Évaluation nationale des infrastructures du Canada04/08/2021
Response to the Nova Scotia Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth: Discussion Paper30/07/2021
Submission to the Ontario Ministry of Finance and FSRA regarding the Fraud and Abuse Strategy for the Auto Insurance Sector19/07/2021
Submission regarding PMPRB's Guideline Monitoring and Evaluation Plan19/07/2021
CLHIA Comments on FSRA financial professionals title protection rule and guidance21/06/2021
Submission to the Government of Saskatchewan on the Consultation on a Review of the Pension Funding Framework for Single Employer Defined Benefit Plans in the Private Sector and Other Complementary Reform Measures Applicable to all Defined Benefit Plans16/06/2021
CLHIA Federal Submission on Targeted Infrastructure Investment26/05/2021
Submission to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) on the Proposed Guidance: Administration of Pension Benefits Upon Marriage Breakdown04/05/2021
Submission to the Government of Canada on Possible Accession to the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement03/05/2021
Submission to the New Brunswick Health Council on its healthcare system review30/04/2021
Consultation sur l’encadrement professionnel des ostéopathes30/04/2021
Submission to the Government of Saskatchewan on the Consultation on Financial Hardship Unlocking from a Locked-in Retirement Account30/04/2021
Newfoundland and Labrador 2021 Pre-Budget Submission30/04/2021
Submission to the Government of Canada on future trade with the United Kingdom28/04/2021
The OECD Roadmap for the Good Design of Defined Contribution Retirement Savings Plans14/04/2021
Submission to the Government of Canada on its Consultation on a National Strategy for High-Cost Drugs for Rare Diseases29/03/2021
Consultation on Optometrists Profession Regulation01/03/2021
Submission to the Canadian Transportation Agency in response to the Public Consultation on the Development of New Airline Refund Requirements01/03/2021
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral de 202122/02/2021
Submission to the Canadian Government on a Possible Economic Partnership Agreement with Indonesia22/02/2021
Manitoba 2021 Pre-Budget Submission18/02/2021
Ontario 2021 Pre-Budget Submission11/02/2021
New Brunswick 2021-22 Pre-Budget Consultation11/02/2021
Letter to Ontario MPPs Re: Bill 219, Life Settlements and Loans Act25/01/2021
Prince Edward Island 2021 Pre-Budget Submission22/01/2021
CLHIA's submission to the Ontario Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy Consultation18/01/2021
Submission to the Department of Finance on Federally Regulated Private Pension Plans18/01/2021
Mémoire de l'ACCAP présenté dans le cadre des consultations prébudgétaires - Budget du Québec 2021-202215/01/2021
Letter to Minister of Transportation re: COVID-19 test for in-bound travellers06/01/2021
CLHIA submission to Nova Scotia in response to the 2021-22 Pre-Budget Consultation18/12/2020
Advancing the sustainable agenda: Perspectives on insurers’ capacity as sustainable investors09/12/2020
CLHIA submission to Alberta re: 2021 pre-budget consultations01/12/2020
Mémoire de l’ACCAP sur le projet de loi 68 présenté à la Commission des finances publiques le 4 novembre 202004/11/2020
2020 Ontario Fall Budget Submission16/10/2020
Submission to the Competition Bureau of Canada regarding Digital Transformation of the Health Care Sector09/10/2020
Submission to the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services regarding Private Sector Privacy Reform30/09/2020
Mémoire sur le projet de loi 64 : Loi modernisant des dispositions législatives en matière de protection des renseignements personnels25/09/2020
Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA) releases new position paper on climate adaptation and mitigation03/09/2020
Letter to Alberta Health re: "Proposals to Amend the Health Professions Act to Improve Regulatory Effectiveness and Efficiency"18/08/2020
Letter to BC PIPA regarding the review of the Personal Information Protection Act10/08/2020
Mémoire en vue du budget 2021 présenté au Comité permanent des Finances06/08/2020
Submission to the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board on the proposed draft guidelines05/08/2020
Submission to OSC re 52-112 Non-GAAP and other Financial Measures Disclosure29/06/2020
2021 British Columbia Pre-Budget Submission24/06/2020
CLHIA Submission on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program04/06/2020
Letters to BC Government Re: Medical lab tests for insurance applications29/05/2020
Beneficial Ownership Transparency Consultations: Canada and British Columbia - input from CLHIA30/04/2020
Request to the Canada Revenue Agency to suspend minimum employer contributions to DC pensions13/04/2020
Letter to the Canadian Transportation Agency Re: Flight cancellations and reimbursement07/04/2020
Letter to Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA) re: Quarterly Meeting COVID-19 Responses27/03/2020
Letter to the Prime Minister in support of the amendments to Patented Medicines Regulations03/03/2020
2020 Ontario Budget Submission02/03/2020
Letter to Chairman Hoogervost re: Ensuring a common global adoption date for IFRS 1702/03/2020
Letter to the Canadian Accounting Standards Board re: Ensuring a common global adoption date for IFRS 1727/02/2020
2020 New Brunswick Pre-Budget Submission25/02/2020
2020 Prince Edward Island Pre-Budget Submission25/02/2020
CLHIA letter to the Standing Committee on International Trade on the Implementation of CUSMA19/02/2020
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Regulations (PMPRB) Consultation on Draft Guidelines Submission14/02/2020
2020 Alberta Pre-Budget Submission12/02/2020
CLHIA Letter to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries regarding national pharmacare11/02/2020
Consultation on ‘Third Party Reports’ and ‘Medical Expert: Reports and Testimony’ Policies09/02/2020
Mémoire au sujet du budget fédéral 202004/02/2020
CLHIA Submission on New Brunswick Restricted Insurance Licensing Regime31/01/2020
2020 Newfoundland and Labrador Budget Submission30/01/2020
Recommandations de l'ACCAP en vue du budget 2020 - 2021 du Québec30/01/2020
CLHIA Comments on FSRA Guidance Framework 202024/01/2020
Submission to Ontario Ministry of Finance Re: Individual Pension Plans and Designated Plans23/01/2020
Submission to the Yukon Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board Re: Modernization of the Workers’ Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act16/01/2020
Letter to the Attorney General of Ontario Re: Bill 161, Smarter and Stronger Justice Act, 201923/12/2019
Comments on proposals to amend the Health Professions Act in British Columbia re: BC Reg 276/2008 and BC Reg 415/200829/11/2019
Comments on O. Reg. 201/96, Ontario Drug Benefit Act 'Improving Value of Pharmacy Payments'27/11/2019
Comments on O. Reg. 201/96, Regulation 935 'Reducing Administrative Burden to Drug Manufacturers and Pharmacies'27/11/2019