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Advisory: What you need to know about mandatory destination-provided travel health insurance

Release Date: 04/01/2022
Staff Reference: Sheila Burns

Planning to travel abroad? Be aware that some countries have begun to require Canadian travellers to purchase mandatory travel health insurance as a condition of visiting. This insurance must be purchased from a specified insurer.

The coverage offered by mandatory destination-provided travel health insurance may differ significantly from other forms of travel insurance. For instance, it may not provide sufficient coverage for hospitalization, and additional living expenses in quarantine. It may also exclude coverage for conditions or accidents unrelated to COVID-19.

For this reason, travellers are encouraged to carry Canadian travel insurance when travelling abroad.

Consider these steps:

  • Research the current entry requirements for your destination to find out if travellers are required to purchase insurance at destination. The International Air Transport Association provides a helpful resource.
  • If you are required to purchase other insurance, it is recommended you also have Canadian travel insurance as the foreign coverage may be very limited.
  • Read your insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered and the relevant exclusions and limitations. If you have questions, contact your insurer.

Know what you are heading into. Check the Government of Canada’s travel advisories for your destination so you can make informed decisions and travel safely destination. The latest advisories are at

Register your trip (Register of Canadians Abroad: so the Canadian government can keep you informed while abroad.

To learn more about how the life and health insurers are responding to COVID-19, visit