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Top 10 tips for consumers

Release Date: 10/22/2018
Staff Reference: Shannon DeLenardo

1Protect your personal information which includes your benefits plan access information.
2Don't let someone else borrow your card to obtain services or products.
3Ensure your receipts are correct and reflect the service or treatment you received.
4Check your explanation of benefits (EOB) provided by your insurer for services considered under your benefits plan to ensure that it reflects only those services or products obtained by you or your eligible dependents.
5Don't sign your name to blank claim forms.
6Understand your coverage and the limits that apply under your plan.
7Ask questions. Don’t hesitate to question the treatment or service being prescribed or given to you.
8Remember to keep your receipts. You may be asked to submit them in support of your claim.
9Alert your insurer of any providers who routinely waive your co-payment or deductible.
10Report it. If you suspect potential plan abuse or fraud, report it to your insurance company.