Group benefits providers report: Insurers get a boost in the battle against fraud

Date de parution : 04/15/2016
Source : Benefits Canada
Personne(s)-ressource(s) : Shannon DeLenardo

Helen Burnett-Nichols

Compliance is one of the hallmarks of the insurance industry, but with amendments to federal privacy laws last year, group benefits providers are facing a host of new consent and disclosure-related obligations that can offer helpful tools or signal potential headaches.

Bill S-4, the Digital Privacy Act, came into force in June 2015. It amended the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act to include new provisions around obtaining consent, disclosing information without consent and mandatory breach notification.

The fight against fraud

For group benefits providers, the most positive development is likely the new provision that will help them fight fraud by allowing for increased disclosure of information without consent in certain cases.

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