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Submission on the document "Strengthening the Plan to Promote Greater Intergenerational Fairness", and the support document "Observations on Retirement in Quebec"

Release Date: 01/17/2017
Staff Reference: Lyne Duhaime

Adapting our approach to the Quebec reality

We wish to thank the Committee on Public Finance for the opportunity to comment on the document entitled Strengthening the Plan to Promote Greater Intergenerational Fairness tabled in December 2016, along with the document Observations on Retirement in Quebec.

Our comments pertain in particular to the continuance of a three-level retirement system that will help to ensure the sustainability of the Quebec Pension Plan and the financial security of Quebecers. We believe that a healthy and efficient retirement system depends on the participation both of the government and of individuals and their employers, according to the means of each.

CLHIA-Quebec testified before the Public Finance Committee as part of the consultations on the future of the Quebec Pension Plan. To access the transcription, please click here (French only). To watch the appearance, please click here (French only).