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Urgent notice for Canadians currently in the USA and abroad

Release Date: 03/20/2020
Staff Reference: Joan Weir

The Government of Canada is strongly urging all Canadians to return home immediately. This is an unprecedented order to protect your health.

Choosing to remain outside Canada will result in changes or complications for your health insurance coverage, including:

    • You may lose coverage for COVID-19 and other conditions
    • It will become very difficult for insurers to transport you to your home province in the event of a medical emergency

Canada's health insurers and the Government of Canada are urging you to take immediate measures to return to Canada while flights are still available. The Government of Canada is providing financial assistance for travel arrangements. Some airlines are also offering free services in support of the Government of Canada’s travel advisory to return home immediately.

Please contact Canada's consular officials for urgent travel assistance:

If you need your insurer's contact information, visit

Insurers' call centres are dealing with a very high call volume as they help their customers get home quickly. Please be patient.