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How should Alberta deal with rising dental fees?

Release Date: 02/24/2016
Source: Global News
Staff Reference:
Joan Weir

Heather Yourex-West

CALGARY – The Alberta Wildrose Party says more competition, not regulations, are needed to combat rising dental fees in the province.

“It starts with allowing dentists a lot more opportunity to advertise their services and a lot more flexibility in how they want to reach out to consumers in Alberta,” Wildrose shadow Health Minister Drew Barnes said.

In a letter to Alberta Health Minister Sarah Hoffman released Wednesday, Barnes outlined a number of suggested reforms for Alberta’s dental system. Those reforms include:

  • Encouraging dental offices to voluntarily post prices for common procedures online;
  • Relaxing limitations on advertising currently in place in the dental profession;
  • Ensure great public accountability by splitting the Alberta Dental Association and College into two distinct groups.

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