Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.


03/14/2017Letter to the Alberta Minister of Health Re: High cost of dental care
02/23/20172017 Newfoundland Budget Submission
02/23/20172017 Prince Edward Island Budget Submission
02/23/20172017 Saskatchewan Budget Submission
02/03/20172017 Ontario Budget Submission
02/03/20172017 Alberta Budget Submission
01/18/2017Opening remarks to the Quebec Public Finance Committee as part of the consultations on the future of the Quebec Pension Plan
01/17/2017Submission on the document "Strengthening the Plan to Promote Greater Intergenerational Fairness", and the support document "Observations on Retirement in Quebec"
01/16/20172017 Nova Scotia Budget Submission
01/09/2017Mémoire du budget 2017 du Québec
12/08/2016CLHIA Comments on CRA's Draft CRS Guidance, Self-certification forms & Schema
12/08/20162017 New Brunswick Budget Submission
11/25/2016CLHIA Response to "Pooled Registered Pension Plans (Manitoba) Act"
11/15/2016CLHIA submission to Finance Canada regarding the Review of Federal Financial Sector Framework
11/10/2016Comments on Proposed Supervision Framework and Publishing Principles for FCAC Decisions
11/08/20162017 Manitoba Budget Submission
10/19/2016Risk-based Global Insurance Capital Standard Version 1.0
10/14/2016CLHIA response to PMPRB Guidelines Modernization Discussion Paper
10/14/2016CLHIA response to Public Safety’s consultation on Canada’s approach to cyber security
10/14/20162017 British Columbia Budget Submission