Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.


09/30/2016CLHIA response to CCIR's Travel Insurance Products Issues Paper
09/30/2016Review of Ontario's Solvency Funding Framework for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
09/16/2016Pension Plan Investment in Canada: The 30 Per Cent Rule
09/08/2016CLHIA Response to OECD Discussion Draft "BEPS Action 4 Approaches to Address BEPS Involving Interest in the Banking and Insurance Sectors"
09/08/2016Draft GFIA response to the OECD Discussion Draft on BEPS Action 4 Approaches to Address BEPS Involving Interest in the Banking and Insurance Sectors
09/07/20162017 Federal Budget Submission
09/02/2016Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation: Toward the Legalization, Regulation and Restriction of Access to Marijuana
08/19/2016Regulations under the Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act, 2015
07/26/2016CLHIA Response to Consultation Paper on Consent and Privacy
07/06/2016Industry comments on the revised draft Capital Market Stability Act
06/30/2016CLHIA Letter to Alberta Dental Association and College
06/29/2016Letter to CCIR re: revised Guideline G7
06/29/2016Letter to AMF re: Complaint Handling
06/29/2016Distribution of creditor’s group insurance products with critical illness coverage under Alberta’s restricted licensing regime
06/27/2016CLHIA comments on Payments Canada's consultation paper
06/06/2016CLHIA's comments on the preliminary policy recommendations of the Expert Committee
06/02/2016Consultation regarding the request to increase the scope of practice by Alberta's chiropractors
06/02/2016Letter to Finance Canada re Transitional Rules for "Exempt" Life Policies
05/31/2016CLHIA Comments on FSCO's draft 2016 Statement of Priorities
05/30/2016CLHIA Comments on PIPEDA data breach notification & reporting regulations consultation