Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.

Parliamentary Internship Programme

The life and health insurance industry is a strong supporter of the Parliamentary Internship Programme. Its commitment goes back to the earliest days of the Programme and indeed, the industry is proud to be the Programme's first corporate sponsor.

The Parliamentary Internship Programme was established in 1970 by former Member of Parliament Alfred Hales to provide Members of the House of Commons with highly qualified assistants; to build on university graduates’ academic grounding by giving them an opportunity to learn about parliament and federal politics first-hand; and to give the Programme’s graduates the skills and knowledge necessary to make a significant contribution to Canadian public life.

In the early 1970s, the Programme came to the attention of Edward Crawford, then President and C.E.O. of Canada Life. Mr. Crawford brought together nine life and health insurance companies to serve as the Programme’s first private sponsors. The CLHIA took over the role of providing the funding on behalf of its member companies in the mid 1970s and to this day continues as one of the primary corporate sponsors of the Programme.

More information on the Programme is available here.