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Long-term Investments

long-term investmentGet it Built
Fostering Economic Growth and Prosperity Through Enhancements to Canada's Long-term Investment Market

The willingness of investors to commit funds for the long-term allows businesses and governments to engage in large infrastructure or other capital projects that take many years to complete. A robust long-term investment market, therefore, is critical to economic stability and growth.

With the Canadian infrastructure deficit estimated to be between $350 and $400 billion, action in this area is needed. The CLHIA's policy paper - Get it Built: Fostering Economic Growth and Prosperity through Enhancements to Canada's Long-term Investment Market - sets out a number of specific, actionable recommendations to enhance Canada’s long-term investment market and, ultimately, help ensure that life insurers can continue to offer long-term products to Canadians going forward.

long-term investmentCLHIA's Report on Long-term Investment
The important role of Canada's life and health insurers as long-term institutional investors

With almost 90 percent, or $540 billion of their $615 billion Canadian assets, held in long-term investments, life and health insurers are one of the largest long-term institutional investors in Canada.

In operation since Confederation, the industry has a long, well established history of providing long-term financial security to Canadians and supporting Canadian businesses and government through long-term investment. In fact, the underlying business model of insurers makes them a naturally aligned investor in long-term assets.

It is important for Canadian policy to support a vibrant long-term investment market in order to promote economic stability and growth as well as to allow insurers to continue to offer long-term saving and protection products to Canadians. Further information on the important role that Canada's life and health insurers play in the long-term investment market is provided in the CLHIA's Report on Long-term Investment.