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Your Virtual Shoebox Guide

Keeping track of your personal and household financial documents

The purpose of this interactive tool is to help you to keep track of your important personal and family documents – everything from insurance policies, bank accounts, investments and mortgages to health records and will and estate information.


So many of us have a “file it and forget it” mentality. Some of us have even been known to stuff bills, receipts and similar important pieces of paper into a filing cabinet or even a shoebox until tax time. We should be grateful for this annual clear-out because there is not enough storage in the world for all of us if we were to go on keeping valuable information like this forever.
But tax time is not the only critical period in our lives. There are many others. A spouse or companion dies. You get separated or divorced. Or even if you never married and have always been independent, you could become physically or mentally infirm. Who gets custody of your various documents and pieces of paper?
Someone else has to step in and sort it all out. In a crisis, we all learn to cope and somehow we survive. We hope that this handy inventory helps you take account of all your important documents.

Virtual Shoebox Guide