Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.

CLHIA in the News

08/05/2014Ontario Employers Must Insure Long-Term Disability Benefits
07/30/2014Government of Canada announces members of Canada’s National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy
07/25/2014Cinq choses à savoir sur l’assurance soins de longue durée
07/22/2014CI: An untapped market
07/11/2014Debate over use of genetic tests in insurance heats up; Privacy Commissioner asks insurers not to require screening results from clients, as industry says the information may help assess risk
07/11/2014Stop looking at DNA results: watchdog
06/25/2014Infrastructure on insurers' agenda; Industry calls for opportunities to keep funding in Canada, suggests more private-public partnerships
06/25/2014Boosting infrastructure investment
06/25/2014Les assureurs veulent financer les routes et les ponts [Entrevue avec Yves Millette – Émission Argent Maintenant]
06/21/2014Covering The Cost Of Critical Illnesses
06/18/2014CLHIA elects new chairman; Manulife’s Donald Guloien succeeds Doug Brooks
06/16/2014Seniors: Put late-life health care costs before your kids’ inheritance
06/04/2014Insurance industry challenged by regulatory reform
06/03/2014"Who’s going to pay for that?", Frank Swedlove, CLHIA President
05/13/2014Ottawa gives industry breathing room with $1.5 billion of 50-year bonds
04/29/2014Canada issues ultra-long bonds
04/22/2014Financial Literacy Leader ‘crucial’ for Canadians: Swedlove
04/18/2014Fundraising underway for Canadian injured skydiving in U.S.
04/16/2014CLHIA's response to CMAJ article "The increasing inefficiency of private health insurance in Canada"
04/16/2014With crisis behind them, insurers mull new regulations