Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.


03/12/20152015 Prince Edward Island Budget Submission
03/12/20152015 Newfoundland and Labradour Budget Submission
03/09/20152015 Nova Scotia Budget Submission
03/09/20152015 New Brunswick Budget Submission
03/06/2015CLHIA comments on FCAC's proposals on stakeholder engagement and the consultation framework for compliance and enforcement issues
02/27/2015GFIA comments to the Insurance Association of China regarding recent proposals by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission
02/27/20152015 Alberta Budget Submission
02/23/2015CLHIA Comments on OECD BEPS Action Plan 8, 9 & 10
02/16/2015GFIA response to the IAIS public consultation on risk-based global insurance capital standard (ICS)
02/16/2015Submission to the IAIS Re: Risk-based Global Insurance Capital Standard
02/13/2015CLHIA Submission on Ontario Retirement Pension Plan: Key Design Questions
02/13/20152015 Ontario Budget Submission
02/06/2015GFIA Comments on OECD Transfer Pricing Discussions
02/06/2015CLHIA Comments on BEPS Action Plan 4
01/29/2015CLHIA Comments on BEPS Action Plan 10
01/26/2015GFIA comments on Chairman Otoritas Jasa Keuangan's draft regulation on the “own retention and domestic reinsurance support”
01/09/2015GFIA Comments on OECD Discussion Draft on "BEPS Action 7"
12/23/2014CLHIA Response to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada's (FCAC) consultation paper, "Towards a National Strategy for Financial Literacy, Phase 3: Young Canadians and Adults"
12/19/2014CLHIA Proposal on a Restricted Insurance Agency Licensee (RIAL) Advisory Committee of the Saskatchewan Insurance Councils
12/18/2014GFIA comments on the China Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS)