Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.


06/23/2014Letter to the Department of Finance Re: Pension Innovation for Canadians: The Target Benefit Plan
06/20/2014Letter to Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan Re: Consultation Paper: Non-Residency Unlocking of Pension Funds
06/12/2014Proposed Regulation to Implement Ontario's Pension Benefits Act Section 27(2)
06/11/2014Letter to India's Finance Minister on foreign direct investment
06/10/2014Letter to Ontario Ministry of Finance Re: Proposed Regulation to Implement Pension Benefits Act Section 39.1
05/29/2014CLHIA Comments on FSCO's Draft 2014 Statement of Priorities
05/26/2014Proposed Changes to "financial hardship un-locking" of Alberta locked-in products
05/26/2014Regulation of Massage Therapists in Nova Scotia
05/20/2014Letter to Department of Finance Canada Re: Scope of "Loss Restriction Rules" (ITA section 251.2)
05/07/2014CLHIA Opening Remarks to Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce on Bill C-31, Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 1
04/24/2014GFIA Comments on IAIS Issues Paper "Approaches to Group Corporate Governance"
04/23/2014Delays in Processing Applications for New and Renewal Life Licences in New Brunswick
04/22/2014Comments on the draft regulation respecting voluntary retirement savings plans
04/11/2014Letter to Dr. Michael Law in response to Canadian Medical Association Journal paper entitled “The increasing inefficiency of private health insurance in Canada”
03/20/2014Comments regarding New Brunswick's Draft Regulations concerning the Prescription and Catastrophic Drug Insurance Act
03/14/2014Letter to OECD: Representation of Insurance Industry in National Account
03/13/2014Letter to The Honourable Ron Lemieux Re: Greater transparency of pharmacy fees in Manitoba
03/04/2014CLHIA's Proposal on Keeping Regulators Informed
03/04/2014Letter to Senate Committee re off-label prescribing
02/28/2014Comments to OSFI Regarding Draft Advisory on Changes to the Membership of the Board and Senior Management